Dundragon's Arrow

Dundragon’s Arrow is a medium galleon with a complement of 20-25. It is armed with a single catapult located on the stern castle.

Dundragon’s Arrow is a merchant vessel that mostly runs goods and passengers across the Dez Sea between Stoneport on Grayhaven and the Ostad port of Domburton, although it has been known to take special trips elsewhere for familiar merchants who can pay.

Currently on board:

  • Captain Calista Stormwind, Human, Female
  • Former Quartermaster Milo Colton, Human, Male,
  • Sailing Master Magnys Adrona, Half-Elf, Female
  • Boatswain Finn “Eyes” Tealeaf, Halfling, Male
  • Carpenter/Surgeon Clog, Half-Orc, Female
  • Captain’s Mate Miralee, Elf, Female
  • Quartermaster’s Mate Berrian, Elf, Male
  • Yenneiros “Yen” Lathai, Elf, Male, husband of Grag
  • Graghek “Grag” Redbeard, Dwarf, Male, husband of Yen
  • Crow, Human, Male
  • Rusty, Human, Female
  • Bell, Human, Male
  • Hawk, Elf, 3rd Gender
  • Bullseye, Elf, Male
  • Shadow, Elf, Female
  • Boots, Dwarf, Male
  • Smith, Dwarf, Female
  • Dusty, Dwarf, Unknown Gender
  • Spike, Human Child, Female
  • Rain, Human Child, Male
  • Duck, Human Child, Female
  • Bug, Human Child, Male
  • Salazar Marivaldi, Human Priest, Male
  • Grigor Marsk, Human Acolyte, Male
  • Selise Calabra, Human, Female, mother of Luisa and Anton
  • Luisa Calabra, Human, Female, daughter of Selise
  • Anton Calabra, Human, Male, son of Selise

Dundragon's Arrow

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