Oolahana Boulderbreaker

Innkeeper of The Broken Horn


Oolahana Boulderbreaker (Oola for short) is the innkeeper of The Broken Horn, a tavern located in Stoneport on Grayhaven, the Island of Thieves.

Oola is a 325-year-old Hill Dwarf. She’s 4’1" tall, has brown skin, golden eyes, and grey hair.


Having spent most of her life travelling, Oola has many stories to tell those who wander into The Broken Horn. No one’s quite sure how many of them are true, but so far none of them have been proven false either. At any rate, her tales of adventure entertain even her most jaded patrons.

While kind and generous to strangers and good friends, it’s well-known that you don’t want to get on her bad side. She rarely forgives and never forgets.

Oolahana Boulderbreaker

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